Mexican Food

Mexican food is widely popular worldwide, the cuisine of Mexico is centered around the corn plant which has been cultivated in Mexico for thousands of year, including by the ancient Mayans who once ruled the lands that are now today’s Mexico. In addition to corn, other main foods of Mexican cuisine are beans, avocado, peppers, lime, chicken, pork, cacao, sweet potatoes and spices to heat up the food (sometimes spicy peppers do the trick!).

At Taste and Sabor we serve the finest, highest quality Tacos, Burritos, and Quesadillas in the Kingsbridge section of the Bronx as well as Riverdale and Westchester.


The tacos are a popular food for their simplicity, portability and blend of ingredients that make them a delicious food. A standard taco consists of a corn or flour tortilla that is loaded with lettuce, beans, cheese, tomato, onions, peppers (typically jalapeno) and usually with an optional animal protein such as chicken or pork (al pastor). Tacos are usually topped with sour cream to help soften the spicy effect of the chili peppers.


Burritos are similar to tacos, but usually consist of a larger tortilla – meaning a burrito is large taco that will ensure you are filled up! Burritos are normally rolled up and closed which make them slightly easier to eat without making a mess!


Like the taco and burrito, enchiladas also feature a corn tortilla that is rolled with a filling and topped with sauce (chili pepper). Like tacos and burritos they are filled with different but similar ingredients and can include animal protein or be vegterian based. The main distinction is the sauce, cheese and rolled presentation.


As you may have guessed, quesadillas also make use of a tortilla! Two actually, to make a sort of Mexican sandwich. A cheese quesadilla, will feature a quesadillas unrolled at all, flat, topped with ingredients such as cheese, beans, peppers and sometimes chicken, steak or pork. Then another tortilla is added on top to make a sandwich. They are especially popular as an appetizer and for children given the cheese helps hold the ingredients together (also good for clumsy adults!)