Taste & Sabor Helping the Community!

We wouldn’t be able to do it without our volunteers and the team behind it as well, but it is worth to try to do something during this hard time to get through. I hope to be able to extend this to the South Bronx, and assist other restaurants who have been impacted during the pandemic throughout the year.

people in front of restaurant during food drive

The team at Taste and Sabor has been organizing a produce, vegetable and bread distribution 2-3 times a week since June of last year. Once the truck comes, we organize and sort it out while neighbors line up outside (ensuring that they social distance where possible and wear face masks.)

an image of boxes of fruits and vegetables outside of a restaurant

Then each individual comes forward, we make sure they use hand sanitizer, and then they pick out what they want, and we place it in their bags. We have had many community members come, and every once in a while we get some fresh new faces who are happy to share experiences, stories, jokes and even recipes.

people lining on a street corner to receive fruits vegetables during food drive

In order to get this accomplished, we need to spread awareness and create more partnerships with farmers and organizations that have access to large quantities of food that may have otherwise been wasted. Whether it be a farmer, church, pantry, soup kitchen, or non-profit, we hope to grow and grant more families the opportunity to benefit from this free distribution. If you know anyone who may be able to help with this mission, please have them reach out and I would be glad to answer any questions they may have.

Thank you for reading and supporting the community! To watch us in action, please view the video below.

The Fridge Girls